Headstart Kids our beneficiary

Big Dreams Start Small

Every child deserves access to basic nutrition, in order to become a healthy and productive ‘Super Hero’ of South Africa. You can give the future of South Africa a headstart.

Headstart Kids changes thousands of children’s lives daily. Their core objectives are to eradicate malnourishment, activate the key and critical age-appropriate learning and ensure an optimal child development.

This is done through rigorous and continuous testing, measuring and daily monitoring. Their latest software and integrated cloud technology enable detailed reporting with crucial access to beneficiary analysis and progression. Their complete well-being programme has full tracking of all funding received and allocated to each individual beneficiary incorporated into their programme.

By entering the Justice League Virtual Run Series, enables Headstart Kids in fulfilling their commitment to early childhood development, wellness platforms and the love for the children.

HeadStart Kids has been operational for three years in South Africa and currently impacts over 10 000 children daily in the Early Childhood Development space.

They provide preschool children (six months to five years of age) of low-income families with a comprehensive wellness programme to meet the little ones emotional, social, health, nutritional and psychological needs.